Repairman Jack: The Tomb…


The Tomb is the first book in the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson.

Jack fixes things. Not washing machines and stuff like that. He fixes situations for people. It’s a job that takes him outside the law and means he has to separate himself from most of the things society think of as normal. It also recently separated him from his girlfriend when she found out his job doesn’t involve fixing household appliances. Now he’s got to fix a situation for his ex girlfriend involving a family curse that started generations ago in India.

Followers of the blog know I love The Dresden Files and the Felix Castor series. Repairman Jack hooks into exactly the same groove for me. Harry Dresden, Felix Castor and Jack are the same type of men. Strong, self-reliant and they get the job done in an action-packed way. Very appealing for a cowardly computer geek like myself… 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next 14 books in the series.



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4 thoughts on “Repairman Jack: The Tomb…”

  1. Weird timing on this one – I just finished the Dresden files series a few weeks ago and just this morning I finished The Tomb – maybe I’m following your book suggestions from earlier posts? Anyhow, loved Dresden files but RP… I don’t think I’m going to read another. Felt too much like I was plodding along.

    I’m on to some Peter F. Hamilton and Matt Ruff but hopefully our (reading) paths will cross again!

  2. So, Jack is an Oracle DBA? The strong silent type that fixes queries and advises developers about the data model, a Baldrick of the database world who always has a cunning plan?

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