Repairman Jack : Gateways…


Gateways is the seventh book in the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson.

Jack’s dad has an “accident” and is left in a coma. Jack goes to visit him and tries to find out what happened. Another brush with “The Otherness” inevitably follows.

As I’ve come to expect, the backdrop to the story is quite sinister, but it moves too fast for you to dwell on that. It’s more like a full on action story and much less bleak than some of the previous stories. Maybe I’m just getting acclimatized… 🙂



PS. Having this cold has certainly allowed me to motor through some of these books.

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  1. If you want a break from the Repairman Jack series, check out the Lisa Lutz Spellman books – we’ve tended to match up on books / movies over the past few months and I found her quirky characters amusing .

    Get over the cold soon! I’m on 3 different perscriptions to get over my Bronchitis – yay 🙁

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