MOS is driving me crazy…


Why oh why can’t the My Oracle Support (MOS) website actually work like it is meant to?

I have been trying to get set up to use the new companies CSIs and it is driving me crazy. I’m on the “Support IDs and Privileges” page and I either get:

  • No buttons.
  • Some buttons, but not the one I need to request access to the CSIs.
  • A request access button, that doesn’t work.

I get the same random (mis)behavior on the HTML and Flash versions. I checked with another guy in the office and his account is doing the same thing, so it’s not an issue specific to my account. I’ve also tried on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. No luck.

Can we please ditch these versions and have the old APEX version back? It’s wasn’t as pretty, but at least it worked!

I rang Oracle Support to try and figure it out. The lady talked me through the whole process, asking me to click links or buttons that didn’t exist on my screen. It’s more than a little ironic that you need Oracle Support to actually use the MOS website…

So I am in MOS limbo. I can use my personal account and CSI, but who knows if I will ever get the company account working…



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2 thoughts on “MOS is driving me crazy…”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if the folks responsible for the UI of MOS actually work in the same company as the rest of the support personnel!
    But knowing how much java and web “architects” in general have their head up their derrieres, I don’t hold any hope this situation will ever change.
    Unless it seriously starts hurting the cash cow but then it’ll be too late.
    If anyone wanted to destroy Oracle from inside, a better job couldn’t be done…

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