Sometimes Grid Control Drives Me Nuts…


I’m a big fan of Enterprise Manager Grid Control. The performance page and all the drill-downs from there are awesome. Having said that, there are loads of things where it is such a pain in the ass.

Some incidents spring to mind:

  • Someone asked me to check what sessions a particular user had against the database. I was already on GC, so I decided to use that. After a couple of clicks and pauses for the screen to load I turned and said, “Bugger this for a game of soldiers!”, opened SQL*Plus, ran my sessions script and it was done. GC is such a waste of time for some simple tasks like this. It’s far easier to do it using SQL*Plus or SQL Developer.
  • I was cloning a database and decided to do it with GC. The process was very long winded to fill in all the options I needed and at the end it failed with some crappy error message. I switched to the command line and it was done in no time. I would hazard a guess the whole manual operation took less time than typing in the required options into GC.
  • The job scheduler in GC is chronic! For some operations I have to switch from my Super Administrator account to the SYSMAN account or things just cave in. That happens with other areas of functionality too I guess.

I’m not discounting that someone with less command line experience may have a different take on things, but sometimes Grid Control drives me nuts!



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5 thoughts on “Sometimes Grid Control Drives Me Nuts…”

  1. Yeah, know what you mean. After many years of hate in my love-hate relationship with EM and grid, I am now using OEM across all our instances. The 11gr2 one seems to be quite usable and actually makes handling the dbms_scheduler nightmare a lot moe palatable. But I entirely agree: the need to jump into SYSMAN for somethings and SYS/SYSTEM for others drives me up the wall! And often simple things become a chore, best handled with the swift application of one CLI script. Or two…

  2. Yes. GC 11g. We have to use that here as we are a HP-UX shop. 🙁

    Not used GC 12c CC enough to know if it is less annoying. 🙂



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