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Just because I’ve agreed to link to you on some other social platform, it does not mean I know you! It does not mean I can/will offer you a job! It does not mean I will automatically endorse or recommend you when I have no clue who you are!

This week alone I’ve had:

  • Complete strangers asking me to endorse them on LinkedIn.
  • Complete strangers asking me to recommend their Oracle-related work on several social platforms.
  • Complete strangers asking me for jobs. Just so you know, I’m just a guy that does a website for fun in the evenings. I don’t employ anyone, and often choose not to be employed myself… I’m literally the last person you should talk to about getting work!
  • Complete strangers asking me to take surveys to categorise their personal characteristics, with a view to allowing employers to evaluate them.

Just a couple of thoughts on this:

  • If you ask me to recommend you and I’ve not worked with you, I’m not going to do it! I’ve known some people in the Oracle community for years, but I would not recommend their work because I’ve not actually worked with them on a project! With that in mind, do you really think I’m going to recommend a complete stranger?
  • If you are a recruiter/employer and you use social platform endorsements, recommendations, numbers of friends/likes/followers to make a judgement you are retarded! One of my friends recently had a competition with his girlfriend over who could acquire the most followers on Twitter. He went from 0 to a few thousand in a couple of days!

I’m happy to keep linking to people on social platforms. I like meeting people and speaking about tech. Just don’t ask me to lie for you!



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2 thoughts on “Endorsements, recommendations etc…”

  1. That is so true, but the really hard one is having someone ask for a recommendation that you do know and have worked with that even though you are still friends you would not put your name on the line for.
    “Do I did not get that email, it must have went to my spam folder”

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