Another Tim Hall (again)…


Followers of the blog may recall a post I wrote a couple of years ago about an Oracle employee called Tim Hall. Yuri from Pythian posted a YouTube link to a guy called Tim Hall talking about Ksplice. I’m guessing he’s now part of Oracle as part of the Ksplice acquisition.

Just to clear thing up:

  • I am the DBA and PL/SQL Tim Hall from (nothing to do with Oracle Corporation).
  • I am not the Ksplice Tim Hall from Oracle, so don’t send me questions about that.
  • I am not the Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Tim Hall from Oracle, so don’t send me questions about that either.

This is going to confuse travel bookings with Oracle Travel and expense claims from the ACE Director program even more… 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Another Tim Hall (again)…”

  1. Hi Tim!!… tell me please how I can download oracle 10GR2? do you know ??… I dont find 🙁

  2. If it’s not available from OTN, then you have to raise an SR with Oracle support and they will provide you will a HTTP or FTP download location.



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