Oracle Database File System (DBFS) in Oracle 12c : WebDav Support?


On a yoga course a teacher said to the group, “Don’t try to remember everything I say. Some things will come back to haunt you later.”

So I was reviewing a couple of chapters of Marcelle Kratochvil‘s multimedia book and she mentioned DBFS. That jogged a memory of the DBFS demo stand at OOW12, where the guy told me that 12c will (probably) have WebDAV support for DBFS.

DBFS is a neat feature, but it’s a little frustrating if you are using any OS other than Linux because you are forced to use a client utility with limited functionality, rather than accessing it like a regular file system as you can on Linux using the FUSE project. If this WebDAV functionality does get released in 12c it will make it accessible from pretty much any OS or browser.

Not surprisingly, it uses the XML DB infrastructure, which has supported WebDAV since its introduction on Oracle 9i (here). I seem to remember hearing XML DB is a mandatory feature from Oracle 12c onward, which means you will be able to use DBFS on any database running 12c or above.

Remember, all this was prefixed with a Safe┬áHarbor┬áslide, so there are no guarantees this will make it to the production release…





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4 thoughts on “Oracle Database File System (DBFS) in Oracle 12c : WebDav Support?”

  1. I want to thank you on the share, very useful for us, I’m learning about Oracle Database Support in this blog. Really it will help lot of people.

  2. I can understand the ACFS stuff for a cluster, but why bother with Oracle managed filesystems? Surely that’s just adding a layer atop of the O/S unnecessarily?

  3. @Mark: There are a number of reasons. Using DBFS allows your file system to become transactional, so a restore of your database restores your file system to the exact same PIT also. That can be very useful where applications store data in a mix od DB and FS.

    It’s not for everyone, but there are definitely some sweet spots.



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