The year of the “back-fill” author…


I recently filled in this years ACE Director self assessment survey. Among other things, as part of that process I check how many articles, blog posts and forum answers I’ve posted over the year.

Whilst getting these numbers I noticed about 50% of articles I put live this year weren’t promoted to the front page as new articles because they were “back-fill”, written on general topics that haven’t really changed over the years. Of the last 6 articles I’ve written, only 1 has made it to the front page as a “new” article. Some of these back-fill articles were prompted by answering readers questions and some by situations that have come up at work. They all go live on the website, but I’d feel silly posting them as a new article. 🙂

Probably the biggest factor in the ratio of back-fill to new material is the delays in the release of 12c database. Each release prompts a rash of new articles and it’s been so long since 11gR2… 🙂



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