My Plans for Oracle 12c RAC Thwarted…


My initial batch of 12c installations resulted in these two articles.

Judging by my web stats, they’ve proved very popular. According to Google Analytics, there are 3-4 active visitors on them pretty much 24×7.

My progress from there has been thwarted somewhat by technical issues. The server I normally use for my Virtual RAC installations is being a little funky at the moment. Rather than mess about I figured I would just reinstall the base OS. Initially it was running Fedora 18, but I decided to go for Oracle Linux instead. This server is used entirely for running VirtualBox VMs, so stability is more important than being bleeding edge. My desktop is still Fedora though.

The Oracle Linux install was fine. The 6.4 spin of Oracle Linux detected all my hardware, including the RAID stuff, and it installed with no worries. The problem is getting all the VMs back on to it from my backups. It’s taking an age! 🙂

Hopefully tonight, or tomorrow I can get back on the case with the 12c RAC installation. Yury from Pythian has already done a run through, which you can see here. There doesn’t seem to be much difference to the infrastructure setup compared 11gR2 RAC, which is good.



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8 thoughts on “My Plans for Oracle 12c RAC Thwarted…”

  1. @Yury: LOL. Definitely just my hardware, not you man. 🙂

    It was nice to see your run through and see there are no big surprises from the infrastructure.

    Funily enough, I was planning to do something similar with the networking. I tend to run bridged at home, but people keep asking me for something that will run offline. The combination of NAT and host-only is what I do on my laptop and PC at work, where bridged is not applicable.



  2. I am try to follow this instruct to install 12C on my redhat linux , I checked oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall is not in public-yum-ol6.repo , I though ORACLE want us Use Unbreakable Linux

  3. @Hermes Chiang : The documents suggest it is in ULN and Public Yum, but I don’t think it is available in either yet. It doesn’t matter because the 11gR2 package works fine. I’ve amended the articles to make this a little clearer.



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