Oracle Cloud Control 12c Release 3 Installation (EM12cR3)…


With all the excitement about Oracle Database 12c being released, you may have missed the release of Cloud Control 12c Release 3. It’s available for download from OTN. All the usual ports are available. This is the version you are going to need if you want to monitor 12c databases in your organisation.

I did a quick run through the Cloud Control 12c Release 3 installation yesterday on both OL5 and OL6. As I suspected, there is pretty much no change in the installation process compared to the previous release.

I haven’t tried an upgrade yet, so I don’t know how easy that is. Perhaps someone else can comment? 🙂

Note. Oracle Database 12c is not a supported repository database version, so you are still going to need Oracle 11g for this installation.



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