The Fall of Hyperion


The Fall of Hyperion is the second book in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons.

I’m not really sure what to say about The Fall of Hyperion. On the one hand, I was very interested to see what happened to the characters from the previous book. On the other hand, this book was much less focussed and quite disjointed at times. It didn’t help that it took me a long time to get through it, reading it in small snippets, rather than a few long sittings.

Despite my minor misgivings, I’ve already started the next book in the series and I’m keen to see how this plays out.



PS. I’ve just checked the dates between this post and the one from the proceeding book. It took about 2 months to get through it. I’m sure that has a big factor on my perception of it.

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4 thoughts on “The Fall of Hyperion”

  1. Didn’t like Fall of Hyperion – shame on you! The first two books are one of my all time favorites. The audible version is really well narrated as well. It’s close to the best audio book I’ve ever listened to.
    Oh well, each to their own… good luck with Endymion.

  2. Guy: I say I didn’t like it. I only had “minor misgivings” about it. 🙂

    As I said, I think a lot had to do with the length of time it took me to get through the book. I usually read them in a handful of 50 page chunks. This one was read in 5-10 page chunks over 2 months, which doesn’t encourage you to get lost in the story.



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