Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration (1Z1-062) beta exam : Free Voucher Competition


I’ve just been sent 5 free vouchers for the Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration (1Z1-062) beta exam! Here is an excerpt from the email…

“We are piloting this program with the Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration (1Z1-062) beta exam. … we have provided five (5) vouchers for free beta exams. You can use them for a giveaway on your blog if you like. Simply send the voucher number to the winner. They will enter this voucher in the appropriate field during exam registration at Pearson VUE. This beta exam is scheduled to end on October 19, 2013.”

I’m about to leave for OpenWorld 2013, so this is going to be brief. Here are the rules of the competition…

  1. The beta exam closes on the 19th October, so unless you think you can be ready to sit the exam by then, don’t bother entering. You’ll just be wasting a spot someone else could take.
  2. The voucher is only redeemable for the 1Z1-062 beta exam. You can’t use it for any other exam! You can’t wait and use it for the production exam! It’s just for this beta exam so you have to get your ass into gear!
  3. The competition will close on Saturday 28th September. I’ll announce the winners when I get back from OOW2013.
  4. You need to tell me why you need the free voucher in the comments below this blog post. Facebook and Google+ comments will not be included in the competition!
  5. Extra credit will be given for funny and/or rhyming entries. Even the slightest effort to rhyme will rocket you up the ratings, because it will make the judging more fun! You have a week, so try and be creative!
  6. I’ll be sending the voucher codes via email and confirming the email address and winning names with Oracle, so you must include a real email address and name when posting the comment.
  7. I may seek the help of friends and colleagues to help me judge the winners. I guess it depends on how many entries there are and how hard it is to judge. 🙂
  8. It’s late, I’m tired and I should be packing for OOW, so if I’ve forgotten anything, I reserve the right to modify this post a little, so keep an eye on it over the week…

Good luck!





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20 thoughts on “Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration (1Z1-062) beta exam : Free Voucher Competition”

  1. I need to win this free voucher because i’m a brazilian DBA with 22 years old and i started with oracle11G and now i’m willing to take the certification for the 12C because its the future of our job, the amazing concept of the cloud and its use on databases, so i wish i could make this beta test and be certified in this new tecnology of Oracle!

    Kristy Noms

  2. There was a DBA named Steve
    Whose ego was too big to believe
    His skills, to be blunt
    Were grimy as bunt
    But he sure could deceive to achieve.

    No wait, that doesn’t explain why I need the voucher. Hmmm…

    Oracle is red,
    EMC is blue,
    You have some free vouchers,
    Give one to me.

    Crap. I’m not good at this.

    By shadows dark and stars alight
    I’m going to San Francisco by night
    What I’ll see there I have no clue
    But I bet I can beat the vouchers out of you.

    Better. Getting better.

    I’m an OCM that’s well and true
    And with that I do declare
    That if I don’t start now on 12c
    They’ll swear I’m just hot air.


    Now swing your partner do-si-do
    Let’s play a little tune
    About a man with a killer plan
    To seek a deal most opportune

    The time was right the post was made
    The voucher’s up for grabs
    The poems sure sucked and would be chucked
    But worth taking a couple stabs.

    So here’s my plea I’ll say right now
    I probably don’t stand a chance
    But I’d be lying if I just quit trying
    So I’m going to make my stance.

    I need a voucher so I can take one test
    Not two or three or four
    I’ll just be blunt it’s what I want
    And we have such a good rapport. Tim.


  3. Hola, toda mi vida he trabajado con bases de datos, he hecho algunos cursos de ORACLE y esta es la oportunidad que tengo para dar un paso mas allá en mi carrera

  4. This this is a story all about how
    My life got flip turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
    I’ll tell you about Oracle Base and how I won a voucher there.

    In Oracle 8i when it was all the craze
    Learning commands was where I spent most of my days
    Backing up, restoring, upgrading all cool
    And all shooting off explain plans without a bunch of tools
    When a couple of guys, they were up to big stuff
    Made my simple work seem like it’s not enough
    I started at one little job and said I gotta try
    I said “I’m moving all my databases straight to Oracle 9i.”

    Then came 10g and when catupgrd was done
    The data had flashback and RAC was simple for once
    If anything I could say this release was for me
    But I thought “nah, forget it – yo homes, 11g!”

    I started the DB but as soon as I did
    I yelled to 11g “Yo homes, I’m ditching grid!”
    Looked at 12c, it was released apace
    Now I gotta get certified by rhyming for Oracle Base.

  5. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for given us opportunity to win the beta exam voucher. Actually I’m oracle certified professional of Oracle 8…My company database running Oracle10g and soon we upgrade to 12c for some job requirement I have to attempt the 12c exam.

  6. I sit here in the dark,
    with no voucher, not even a spark
    i just sat and cried
    twitter friends will think i died

    Now there’s no more fun
    Steve Karam has won
    As i sit in the dark and wait
    I just wish i had more _weight_

    To Tim Hall i cannot call
    no 24hour emergencies at all
    my voucher long gone
    Oh, where did i go wrong?

    How could this be,
    with 12c how it would happen to me?
    My life has been smashed
    My instance has crashed!

  7. Hello sir, how do you do?
    I’m an Oracle expert,
    Let me Tell you something

    Ten years experience here.
    Oracle is the one,
    This is what i love this is what i do

    Yes I’m an Guru,
    don’t you see.
    nobody can know databases,
    better than me!

    Steve and Luís needs one
    count them it’s two
    Add me to the list
    it will become Three

  8. 10, 11, 12 to the ‘c’,
    Osama Mustafa thinks he’s going to challenge me
    Ready to make an entrance so back on up
    (Cause you know I’m ’bout’ to rip it up)
    Give me the microphone first so I can bust like a bubble
    Osama and Alchemist together now you know you in trouble
    It’s just a 12c thing baby
    Two data rhyming homies so we’re crazy
    DBA gigs are the work that pays me
    Untrainable so please don’t try to train this.
    But um back to the lecture at hand
    The Alchemist is perfected so I’mma let ’em understand
    From a DBA’s perspective
    And before I’m doing the test I need to rhyme for the collective
    You never know I could be taking that test
    And staking that test and at the same time breaking that test
    Now you know I ain’t doing that, Osama
    Ain’t no test hard enough to mess me up when I’m in it (yeah)
    And that’s realer than real deal VARCHAR fields
    And now you readers and rhymers know how I feel
    Well if it’s good enough to get vouchers off a blogging bloke
    I’ll take one and deny all you other folk.

    It’s like this and like that and like this and uh…
    It’s like this and like that and like this and uh…

  9. I really need this voucher, This is only way to go on Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration (1Z1-062) beta exam. Thanks in advance!

  10. i need to jump on oracle from sql server….

    here may song from italy

    The data are like money..
    but the user are like monkey

    they love only xls spredsheet
    but only dba can load data from it

    Every silly people can make a backup
    only good dba will put the server up

    good save the recycle bin
    because keep delete data in

    if you use oracle 12c every day
    you go to the rigth way….

    and if you feel hungry…
    Keep calm and use oracle 12c

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