Performance Reports in SQL Developer 4 EA2


SQL Developer 4 EA2 includes a performance node in the DBA tree.



You can use this to view ADDM, AWR and ASH reports directly from SQL Developer. I know I can get these from Cloud Control, but previously I tended to pull these out from the command line on the server. This is a much better approach IMHO.

I found out about this stuff at OOW2013, whilst talking to Jeff Smith and Barry McGillin in the demo grounds. I tweeted some pictures at the time, but figured it was worth a post for those that don’t do Twitter. 🙂



PS. Yes, it is only going to be of use to people connecting to Enterprise Edition databases with the Diagnostics & Tuning Pack.

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9 thoughts on “Performance Reports in SQL Developer 4 EA2”

  1. Hi Tim, nice, however only useful with EE, what really would help much more DBAs in the world would be some useful performancetools for SE and SEONE editons

  2. @Gerrit : That argument has been made so many times. Quite frankly, it’s not going to happen.

    If you go to 12c there *may* be some exception for some of the diagnostics available from DBExpress, but that’s not a promise. For most tools though, this is the way it is and this is the way it is going to stay. To quote the late Mark Townsend,

    “Oracle’s stance is Enterprise Edition and the Diagnostics & Tuning Pack are the entry level product”

    You might not like that, but that is the way it is. 🙁



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