Dreaming of Google Searches (La La La Human Steps)


You know you’re a geek when you are dreaming of a conversation with someone, reach for your tablet to search for the answer to something and can’t find it. Due to your frustration in the dream, you wake up in real life, reach for your tablet and continue to search for the thing you couldn’t find in your dream!

That is exactly what happened to me this morning. In my dream I was recounting watching The Word as a kid and seeing Louise Lecavalier from La La La Human Steps. I was totally blown away! This was before the days of YouTube, so I had never seen anything like it before. I can’t find that performance on YouTube, but if you are interested, this was what the “dream conversation” was about.

I have no idea where this memory got dragged up from. Probably eating too much cheese before bed. 🙂



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