Upgrades to 11g are finally complete


Just a little slice of reality to cut through all the 12c stuff that is floating around at the moment. I’ve just moved the last of our databases to 11g. Yay! As well as upgrading, we’ve been culling or consolidating old and unused stuff, which has drastically reduced and simplified our Oracle database landscape.

We currently have four projects running databases on HP-UX on Itanium (spit), one project on Solaris and the rest on Oracle Linux under VMware. If I had my way we would kick out HP-UX and Solaris and do everything on Oracle Linux.

We’ve still got one project on 11gR1, but that is being held back intentionally because of some issues with the vendor of the application that runs against it. Hopefully that will soon be on 11gR2 also.

So about 7 years after the release of 11gR1 and 5 years after the release of 11gR2 we have finally managed to get there. Judging by the conversations I’ve had over the last year, I would say we are ahead of the curve. There are still plenty of people out there with old versions lurking around for a variety of reasons…

With this in mind, what do you think our timescales are for a move to 12c? 🙂 Like many people, I don’t think it will even be considered until 12cR2 is released and even then it won’t happen over night.

Even so, I still believe it is important that people get their heads around what 12c has to offer. Of all the releases in my time working with Oracle products, I think 12c is the one that is really going to mess with people’s heads. If people don’t spend a significant time getting to know this stuff they are going to make really bad decisions and totally stuff up their installations!



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7 thoughts on “Upgrades to 11g are finally complete”

  1. Do you say (spit) because of the Oracle vs HP turmoil or do you just not like Oracle on HPUX Itanium?

  2. @kelly : I don’t like Oracle on Itanium. It’s buggy compared to the Linux spin and it takes ages for the patches to come out.



  3. Attended the 12c upg seminar yesterday.
    Changed my mind as a result: looking at it in the 2015 timeframe, if we don’t go all out for MSSQL in the meantime.
    It’s got some VERY useful and sound features for real life sites, besides all the “cloud” nonsense. As soon as is out on Aix, going to install it in my sandpit and give it a spin.

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