Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) : I’m in a promotional video!


I received a Facebook comment from Václav Kozák to say I was in a promotional video for the Oracle Education’s OCP Program, rockin’ an oraclenerd t-shirt I might add… 🙂

That was a 2 second soundbite from a 10+ minute interview I filmed with Oracle a couple of years ago. I am a fan of the OCP program, but my opinions are not necessarily in line with Oracle Education’s marketing message. Even so, I am happy I was included in the video, even if it was a small soundbite. 🙂

If you want to know more about my opinion of OCP, you might want to read this article.



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5 thoughts on “Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) : I’m in a promotional video!”

  1. I only really rate OCM in the ceritification chain because of the 2 day working exam (no multiple choice). I just see OCP as a more expensive OCA (as it requires a training course too now). At least it means my company will send me on a 5 day performance tuning course though 🙂

    My colleague passed the OCM this month 🙂 it’s the guy you were chatting to at the end of Ora Mids #1.

  2. Dird: It all depends why you are doing OCP. As I say in my article, I find it very useful for motivation and for providing some structure for my learning. This is not in line with the Oracle message though.

    Most people I’ve spoken to (who have not cheated their way through it) have learned a lot during the preparation for the exams, which is the main point.

    Also mentioned in my article, I rate the OCM exam, but it also has issues. A person that can regurgitate syntax is not necessarily a good DBA. The OCM exam content has been published several times (by Oracle) so it is possible to be coached to pass this exam, without having the wider experience necessary to do the DBA job.

    Ultimately, on-the-job experience that provides good references will always trump a certification. 🙂



  3. Hi Tim,
    I thought I’d let you know you were going to be in this video. How could we NOT use you?! You may get to see Harold this year in the OTN lounge at OOW this year, but alas, I think we’ve lost the OCP lounge for good.


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