Running scripts in CDBs and PDBs in Oracle Database 12c


You’ve been sold on the whole concept of the multitenant option in Oracle 12c and you are launching full steam ahead. Your first database gets upgraded and converted to a PDB, so you start testing your shell scripts and bang! Broken! Your company uses CRON and shell scripting all over the place and the multitenant architecture has just gone and broken the lot in one fell swoop! I think this will end up being a big shock to many people.

I’ve been talking about this issue with a number of people since the release of Oracle 12c. Brynn Llewellyn did a session on “Self-Provisioning Pluggable Databases Using PL/SQL” at last year’s UKOUG, which covered some of these issues. More recently, I spent some time speaking to Hans Forbrich about this when we were on the OTN Yathra 2014 Tour.

Today, I put down some of my thoughts on the matter in this article.

Like most things to do with Oracle 12c, I’m sure my thoughts on the subject will evolve as I keep using it. As my thoughts evolve, so will the article. 🙂



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