Sometimes it is just a coincidence!


Yesterday I was making a small config change to some test WebLogic domains. The change required a restart, so that’s what I did. The domains didn’t start up properly…

Being the last person to change the config, it was obviously something I had done that had broken them. I did the usual stuff of checking the log files and noticed some messages about not being able to write to a swap file. I did a “df -h” and noticed the mount point for the WebLogic installation was full. A quick bit of clean-up and everything started up fine.

So the moral of this story is one of the following:

  • Sometimes it is just a coincidence.
  • Don’t forget to configure your log rotation properly.
  • Never change anything in case it screws up and you get the blame.
  • “Just blame it on the guy who doesn’t speak English. Ahh, Tibor, how many times you’ve saved my butt.” ref



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4 thoughts on “Sometimes it is just a coincidence!”

  1. – Always make a copy of configuration files before making any changes.

    Wouldn’t have made any difference to this problem, of course… but good practice.

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