What happens if you try it?



QuestionI get asked a lot of questions about Oracle! I find it amazing how often people will fire a question to a forum or social media and wait for response, rather than try the thing out for themselves. My response is often, “What happens if you try it?”. In some cases, their response to that is, “I don’t want to risk it on my production environment”.

It’s incredible how many people are running applications in production without development and test/UAT environments. Even 3rd party apps need a testing ground! Even if you don’t have a formal dev and test environment, the ease of creating a test environment on your PC using virtualization means there are very few grunt DBA tasks you can’t practice before you attempt them for real!

Thanks to the influence of people like Tom Kyte, I learnt early on that I need to test stuff for myself. If you want to progress in IT, you will do it a lot quicker by trying stuff out for yourself…




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  1. Testing on your own is also the only way to be positive what the results of any given action will be. Otherwise, you are simply trusting your source to be correct.

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