In-Memory Column Store and More


It was inevitable that I would have to have a play with the In-Memory Column Store.

It’s just a functional look. I have no idea about performance at the moment, although I should be starting a proof of concept in the next couple of weeks for one of our internal systems, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up. 🙂

Another thing that has come out of this release is the Full Database Cache Mode. That’s nothing to do with the In-Memory Column Store, but I can definitely see us using this on some of our stuff!

Finally, I’ve done a quick write up of the Smart Flash Cache stuff for my OCP exam notes.

It’s been out since, so I’m not sure why it is considered worthy of inclusion in the 12c DBA exam.

There have been a lot of changes to the multitenant option, so I’m probably going to spend some time amending/rewriting those articles to take on board the new stuff. From what I can see so far, the stuff they’ve added has certainly plugged a lot of “holes” in that option. Looks good so far!



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2 thoughts on “In-Memory Column Store and More”

  1. “It’s been out since, so I’m not sure why…”

    The ‘New Features’ exams have a great deal to do with marketing. It’s a way for Oracle to make DBAs aware of *exactly* why they should upgrade to a new release. The Flash Cache improved in 12c since you can now use multiple drives. By placing this in the NF exam, Oracle is pushing not *just* 12c but 12c *on* either Solaris or Oracle Linux.

    On that topic, I read your Flash Cache article and it doesn’t mention the fact that the feature works only under those two operating systems. I don’t recall offhand if that was an exam question, but it may well have been…

  2. Matthew: Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve mentioned the platform thing, just in case. I reworded the first paragraph to make the context a little clearer too. 🙂

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they muscle in a couple of In-Memory Column Store questions in there soon. 🙂



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