Oracle, please take my money!


I need to renew my Oracle Support contract. Everyone on the intertubes tells me Oracle are a money grabbing evil empire right? So it follows that they are going to be really on the case with a support renewal right?

Two days ago I wrote an email to customer services to try to renew my support contract. Since then I’ve been bounced between 5 people and I’ve still not managed to pay any money. It surely can’t be this hard!

This has all come about because the Oracle store doesn’t allow me to alter my credit card details, so the auto renewal failed. This feels like a, “Do you even internet?”, moment…



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4 thoughts on “Oracle, please take my money!”

  1. Just feel lucky, McAfee managed to charge an expired credit card for me this week. Words have been had with the credit card company and I’ve cancelled the McAfee account.

  2. I don’t know why there is no special access policy for ACE members to
    ACE members in many cases working as external consultants with no license acquired 🙁

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