VirtualBox 4.3.26

VirtualBox 4.3.26Β has been released. Downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

It’s only a couple of weeks since the last release, so I guess there was something causing people significant headaches, which warranted a new release. Not that I noticed any problems. πŸ™‚

Happy upgrading!



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3 thoughts on “VirtualBox 4.3.26”

  1. Last thursday I upgraded to this.
    It’s troubling a lot πŸ™ Cloned a Windows OS 2008R2 VM and performed a Database installation, it hangs before it begins with an error “no permission to TEMP etc “. I never got such error…Yes, I did do the installations…Googled much and tried to fix the problem. Unsuccess :(. Did all I could by providing the Oracle User with full rights “Windows Shares etc” Nothing worked out.
    Indeed I love to play on Linux but….on Windows is kind of need to learn.
    It took more than 10 Hrs. and for the first time I could do installation πŸ™ I do not understand why the Oracle Experts not writing any article when such a problem with permissions is bugging.
    After much hours of unsuccess, I finally did a normal clean Windows OS Installation and still it throws “No permission to Temp” πŸ™
    Gave all the Admin persmissions that I knew.. Created a Hidden Share and tested it strill throws the error..

    Disappointed with this Update a lot that throws such an error, “No permission toTemp” πŸ™

  2. I give one more try with “Virtual Box Repair”. If I’ll be successful then I’m going to bother them πŸ™
    Thank you Tim !

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