Approaching a car park barrier : What it says about you!


parking-barrierWhich of these describes you?

Option 1:

  1. Drive up to the barrier.
  2. Open the car window.
  3. Rummage through your bag or glove compartment looking for your parking pass.
  4. Swipe your pass.
  5. Put your card away. Probably in a random place each time.
  6. Pull away from the barrier.

Option 2:

  1. Approach the barrier with your card in hand and the car window already open.
  2. Swipe the card immediately.
  3. Pull away, almost without stopping because you were so well prepared.

If you most closely match “Option 1”, please don’t think about a career in I.T. The fact you find it acceptable to approach any task in life in this way says to me you are not what this industry needs! Probably not what the human race needs!


Tim… (Suffering from “barrier rage” this morning!)

Author: Tim...

DBA, Developer, Author, Trainer.

7 thoughts on “Approaching a car park barrier : What it says about you!”

  1. Or use one of our car parks, where the rego plate is read automagically and matched again on the way out. And if you load our app, we can even point you at the correct floor and parking spot, based on previous visits. And if you bought a lot, then someone will offer you a free coffee on the way out!
    It’s all about making it easy for our clients! 😉

  2. yes but what about the supermarket checkout …the hours spent waiting for individuals who dont have their payment ready after faffing with their packing ..I approach with card , insert card before packing and invariably have to wait for receipt as I am too quick for them.Would be no queues if all like me.

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