OTN Tour of Latin America 2015 : The Journey Begins – CDG Airport


ace-directorI’ve been in Charles de Gaulle airport for about three hours now. Only another four to go… 🙂

I tried to record another technical video, but you can hear kids in the background. Now the timings are sorted, it should be pretty quick to re-record when I get to a hotel, so that’s good I guess. I’m not sure I can face doing another one today.

My YouTube channel is on 199 subscribers. About to ding to the magic 200. 🙂

Perhaps I should get the GoPro out and do some filming of the barren wasteland, which is the K gates in Terminal 2E.



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3 thoughts on “OTN Tour of Latin America 2015 : The Journey Begins – CDG Airport”

  1. Could you have gotten out of the “passengers only” area and then back in? If so, then the next time this happens let me know and I can come out and bother you. The time won’t go any faster but at least you won’t get anything done…

    Best regards, Stew

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