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It’s been over 2 years since 12c was released and there still seems to be a lot of confusion about the pluggable database stuff. I think most people know the top-level concept, there’s only so many times you can see the memory stick analogy before it gets burned on your skull, but that doesn’t do much to help with the reality of working with it day-to-day.

I’ve written a whole bunch of articles on pluggable databases (listed here), but even then I think there is quite a bit of text for what in many cases is a feature that consists of a single statement. 🙂

I’ve recently been pushing out some videos on this stuff and I’ve got some more already recorded for release while I’m at OOW. Of course, the articles allow you to copy/paste your way through an example, but I think the videos give a more accurate representation of just how simple some of this stuff is from a functional perspective. If you are interested, all the multitenant stuff will be added to this playlist as it is released.



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  1. I know that I am annoying, but (!!! :)) It’s good that I’m reading your blog through my RSS-reader, ’cause, every time I open it, my eyes hurt from all this white hell!

    Also, I find reading articles more convenient than watching videos – you could get more useful information in shorter period of time. This is why your web site is so priceless. Unless it’s lectures and speeches, then it’s just entertaining to watch them.

    And we still don’t use 12c in production, there’s even no plans for it yet.

  2. stee1rat: I also prefer written stuff, but I think sometimes you get a better impact on a video. All my videos have an accompanying article, linked in the description box, so there is never video-only content.

    In addition to the fun aspect, it’s just about choice. For some people, seeing is believing.



  3. Even I feel so..reading is comfortable…addicted to this hahah Reading and practise makes a man knowledgeable.. 🙂
    Think Oracle, think Oracle-Base !

    I read, for the first time Oracle extended support for 11g.
    I understood, correct me if I’m wrong, 9i is still used in the market and not dead even now. So, I think 11g has lot more to offer and people like to use it for long..
    Yes, Oracle (12c) Cloud Control had dominated Grid Control.

    I think even the learners are sticking to 11g.
    And 12c and OL 7 might be like a confusing stuff for learners.

    If I just compare MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle 12c, they all are now with same structure, in a nutshell – one instance take care of one or more databases. So, there should not be confusing..

    I have not heard much from my friends in UK but, here in Germany big companies are implementing 12c. (I think as far as I understood focus is more of SQL / PL/SQL, BI, Cloud (Docker), Big data and also Data Analysis etc)

    Thanks a ton for sharing the knowledge, Master !!!

    1. It’s being hard for learners/job seekers what all should be learned..learning or enhancing the knowledge is great but, it is not fun without any direction. “Jack of all, Master of none” is ok..but, learner of all ? !

    2. Also, the question is, are employers making hard or recruiters..(we are looking for oracle, BI, DI, Cloud, MySQL, MS SQL BI SSAS, SSIS….2016 has not come but, MS SQL 2016 is coming up…)

  4. Praveen: I always suggest to people to follow the OCP syllabus, even if they don’t intend to take the exams. It’s a good framework to start with, which helps you make sure you cover all the basic areas.

    I don’t really know much about employers these days. I don’t go looking for work, so I can’t speak much about what they go for. They often list lots of skills, but don’t expect every to have all of them,. It’s like a shopping list of “nice to haves”. 🙂



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