The Oracle ACE Program : My 10 Year Anniversary


ace-directorOn 1st April 2006 I got an email telling me I was an Oracle ACE, so either this is the most drawn out April Fools’ Day joke ever, or I’ve been in the Oracle ACE Program for 10 years. Wow!

The numbers look something like this.

  • Nearly 21 years working with Oracle technology. (August 1995)
  • Nearly 16 years doing my website. (Original name: 03 July 2000 or Current name: 31 August 2001)
  • Nearly 11 years blogging. (15 June 2005)
  • 10 years on the Oracle ACE Program. (01 April 2006)
  • Nearly 10 months making videos. (6 July 2015)

It’s quite scary when you look back at it. 🙂



PS. A shout out to Thomas LaRock (@SQLRockstar) who got his Microsoft MVP on the same day several years ago. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Oracle ACE Program : My 10 Year Anniversary”

  1. Hi Tim.

    Cheers Master !!! Glad to read this !
    You have miss there something important !
    The count of your huge number of your friends, fans etc in all these years…That will be a very big number…. You can’t really say that exact figure….

  2. # of events/cities/countries presented at since joining the ACE Program?
    The good stat 😛

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