EU Referendum : Oh Hell No!


If you care, you’ve probably heard the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) yesterday. Suffice to say I’m gutted!

I’ve just deleted most of the content this post because it contained a lot of inflammatory and negative comments. I could question the motives of the leavers, but what good would that do now. IMHO this is a dark day for the UK.

For all my friends around the world, I would just like you to know I wanted to remain part of something bigger than this little island…



PS. If anyone has got an EU passport going spare it could come in really handy!

PPS. One of my colleagues just described what I’m going through as the 5 stages of grief. I think he is correct.


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2 thoughts on “EU Referendum : Oh Hell No!”

  1. Me too. Now there’ll be fewer jobs, the cost of living will go up, my savings will be worth less, and workers and the environment will get less protection, all because the British people thought they were finally getting a say on immigration and national identity.

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