OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Sydney


otnapac16dI left my room kind-of late so my day pretty much started with my first session…

My first session at the Sydney event was “Pluggable Databases – What they will break and why you should use them anyway!” The reaction from the crowd was good and people came up to speak to me and ask questions after the session. This is my favourite bit of conferences, so I don’t mind if it means I miss some sessions. 🙂

By the time I was ready to move to another session, it was my turn again. This time with “Improving the Performance of PL/SQL Function Calls from SQL“. I was happy with the way the talk went, and once again I got people speaking to me after the session, which was good.

Next up was Connor McDonald with “Big Data – A database dinosaur’s point of view”. Connor always puts on a good show and his session went down really well with the crowd. It was targeted perfectly for a bunch of Oracle DBAs and developers.

The final session I went to for the day was Connor again, this time with “New Features in the Next Generation of Oracle Database“. This was a variant of the session I saw him give at OOW16, and not surprisingly it went down well with the crowd too.

By the start of this event I was more used to the time zone, so there was less adrenaline and caffeine involved in getting me out in front of people. As a result I felt a lot more chilled out for this event. That’s no reflection on the previous events. Just how I was feeling at this point in time.

As with all one day events, it was over almost before it began. 🙂 Thanks to everyone at IAOUG for inviting me to event. Thanks to everyone who came to my sessions and came up to talk to me during the event. Thanks also to the ACE Program for getting me here!

In the evening I walked across to a local burger place with Bjoern Rost, we got veggie burgers and fries, then chatted about random stuff for ages. 🙂

Next stop Gold Coast!



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3 thoughts on “OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Sydney”

  1. Thanks for coming along Tim! It was great meeting you and hearing you thoughts on all things Multitenant.

  2. Thanks a lot for taking the time and patience to join us in Sydney.
    And patiently answering all the zillion questions at the end, one to one and to the crowd.
    Thanks to OTN as well for partially sponsoring this event. Unfortunately we get so few of these in Sydney…
    Well done to Francisco and Pythian and the other sponsors for organizing this: they really did a superb job.
    Long overdue that the user community in NSW gets anything back other than more bills!

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself in Sydney! I’ll have to make the trip up next year – I’m from Melbourne but it’s only a short flight to Sydney.

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