How to get started with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) today?


If you follow my website or the blog, you will know I’ve been putting out some articles about Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) recently. They are often followed by a question asking when it will be available for download. The answer is…


Even though we don’t currently have a downloadable version of 12cR2, that doesn’t stop you learning it. You can start today! There are two easy ways.

  1. Get a free trial on Oracle Database Cloud Service. Click the “Try It” button and fill out the details using a corporate email address. I don’t think it likes your typical free email addresses (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo), but maybe that has changed recently. Since my 1 year free trial ended I’ve used a couple of 30 day free trials. It’s a bit of a pain to lose it after 30 days, but I keep all my stuff scripted, so it’s easy for me to rebuild stuff. You can test a lot of stuff using this if you are creative.
  2. Try out It’s free and it’s running on 12.2 now. You can only do basic development type stuff, but it means you can start trying SQL and PL/SQL new features today.

It would be really nice if, which is still on, got upgraded. 🙂

Don’t let the lack of a downloadable version of 12cR2 stop you learning this stuff. There is a load of stuff you can try out just using these two services.

Even if you don’t want to start playing yet, you should probably check out the New Features Manual. It’s always good to know what is coming as it might make you approach existing work slightly differently.



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  1. Harry: That’s rubbish. They need to challenge that person on it. If they insist, get them to commit to the statement on paper (or via email) and report them to Oracle.

    It sounds to me like they are trying to dupe your client into buying Exadata. I would not tolerate this sort of behaviour.



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