ODC Appreciation Day 2017 (#ThanksODC)


Update: You may have noticed the name change. 🙂

After last year’s successful OTN Appreciation Day it only seems fitting to do it again this year. Since Oracle Technology Network (OTN) has now been renamed to Oracle Developer Community (ODC) there is a name change for the event this year, but the idea is the same. You can read why I decided to do this in last year’s announcement post.

The “EOUC Database ACES Share Their Favorite Database Things” sessions at Oracle OpenWorld have proved really popular and this allows everyone else to get in on the act. The “rules” are pretty much the same as last year…

  • The blog post title should be “ODC Appreciation Day : <insert-feature-name-here>“.
  • It can be a feature related to any Oracle product, not just database.
  • The blog post content should be short, focusing more on why you like the feature, rather than technical content. This makes it more accessible for new people to join in. If you’ve written in detail about that feature before, then link to that post and/or the docs from your blog post.
  • Tweet out the blog post using the hashtag #ThanksODC. If you have enough room, you might want to include #ThanksOTN as well for the sake of backwards compatibility. 🙂
  • We should all publish on the same day so we generate a buzz. Last year loads of people were on twitter retweeting, making it even bigger. The community is spread around the world, so the posts will be released over a 24 hour period. The day of the event will be Tuesday 1oth October. That gives people enough time to put something together, especially first-timers. Keep an eye on the date in case it has to change to avoid public holidays, like last year. 🙂
  • It really doesn’t matter if you write about the same feature as someone else. It’s interesting hearing different perspectives.
  • Oracle employees are welcome to join in. I’m happy for you to post about a feature of your product you think adds value, but please don’t just do a sales pitch for your product. 🙂
  • You are not allowed to call me a kiss-ass, then subsequently join in. 🙂

Like last year, it would be really nice if we could get a bunch of first-timers involved, but it’s also an opportunity to see some returning champions! 🙂

The day after the event I will put out a blog post with links to all the blog posts from the event.



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