Oracle OpenWorld and Code One 2018 : The Journey Begins


The day started at about 05:00. All I had to do was a quick check of my luggage and laptop bag, get cleaned up and get the taxi to the airport. I was still in the bath when the Taxi arrived. Doh! 🙂

The ride to the airport was fine. There were some problems with the baggage conveyors, which slowed things down at bag drop. The queue through security was quite big, but it moved fast, so there was no drama. I ended up having about 45 minutes spare before my first plane left. I was trying to catch up on emails where I came across one saying,

“Congratulations! Your scores for the session(s) below made you a top speaker at JavaOne 2017. With this honor, you are now considered one of the Oracle Code One Stars.

If you are attending this year’s Code One Conference, we would like you to attend the Oracle Code Keynote onTuesday next week where we will recognize the 2017 winners and have a short photo opportunity on stage.”

That was a surprise. Pressure is on to live up to it now. 🙂

The flight from Birmingham to Dublin took a minute (or 40). After going through Irish security I headed over to the USA pre-clearance security. This took quite a while, but once again no real drama. The security officer asked where I was from and when I replied “Birmingham”, they asked if it was true people from Birmingham are called “Brummies”, and asked if that was an offensive term. 🙂

Once through security I was in the USA, but still in Ireland. 🙂 I met up with Brendan Tierney and Tony Cassidy and we sat chatting until it was time for the flight. I got lucky with the seats and had a space next to me, which meant I could get the laptop out for a while.

During the flight I watched:

  • Solo : A Star Wars Story : I thought it was OK. I really liked a few scenes, especially when Han met Chewie. I don’t think there was a lot in the way of tension. That’s sometimes a problem with prequels, when you know who survives…
  • Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom : It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but it was still enjoyable.

Brendan had a row to himself, so I went talked *at* him for about 5 hours. I hope he recovers…

Landing in San Francisco was a lot easier than ever before, because the pre-clearance in Dublin meant I was landing as a domestic flight. No first port of entry security queues to worry about, although technically I had probably spent just as much time doing it in Ireland. Somehow it just felt easier. Standing in a queue at the end of an eleven hour flight is not my idea of fun.

Brendan and I were in the same hotel, so we got an Uber and pretty soon we were at the hotel . We all got together later to have some nibbles and drinks, then it was off to bed to sleep!



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