Video : Oracle : Silent Installation and Database Creation


In today’s video we’ll take a look at the two sections of a database build that people often use a GUI for. The software installation using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), and the database creation using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

I recently wrote a post called Why no GUI installations anymore? I was surprised at how much comeback I got from that. This video isn’t a tutorial, but more of a taster to let people who are new to the subject see what they could be doing, rather than clicking buttons. 🙂

The video is based on the following articles.

If you want to see more a complete example of an automated build that uses these, you can check out this video.

If you want to get your hands dirty with automated builds, and you really should, you can play around with my Vagrant and Docker builds here.

There are lots of other people with builds on GitHub, including Oracle, so just play around with as many as you like. 🙂

The star of today’s video is David Hollenberger. I think he was a bit surprised when some random guy asked him for a random video clip. 🙂



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