Video : Invisible Indexes in Oracle Database 11g Onward


In today’s video we’ll discuss Invisible Indexes, introduced in Oracle 11g.

The video is based on this article.

The star of today’s video is Chris Muir, who was instrumental in me becoming a presenter. He invited me down to Australia to speak at a couple of AUSOUG events, which were the first proper conferences I ever presented at.



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2 thoughts on “Video : Invisible Indexes in Oracle Database 11g Onward”

  1. First gig in Australia ?!

    That’s like the comedians who use the Edinburgh Festival to test and rehearse their new material before taking the show to the West End. Just a bit more extreme, though.

  2. As a result of getting this offer I agreed to do a talk for a UKOUG SIG as a warm-up. That was arranged by Andrew Clarke. So the Australia gig was my first proper gig, but I did a warm-up show to prep for it. 🙂

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