Video : JSON_TRANSFORM in Oracle Database 21c


In today’s video we demonstrate the JSON_TRANSFORM function, introduced in Oracle database 21c.

This video is based on the following article, which has a lot more information and examples than the video does.

I’ve written a bunch of stuff on JSON and ORDS, and there’s a YouTube playlist.

The star of today’s video is Tom Kyte. Here are two funny (to me) stories about my interactions with Tom.

On my first visit to OpenWorld in 2006, Tom walked up to me and introduced himself. I was blown away he even knew who I was. It was a massive ego trip. On my next visit to OpenWorld in 2007, I walked up to Tom and said casually, “Hi Tom”. He looked at me, looked down at my conference badge, looked at me again and said, “Hi Tim”. Needless to say, my ego was placed firmly back where it belonged. I still laugh when I think about it now.

At a later OpenWorld I was sitting at a table and someone was fanboying me. Tom came along and asked if he could sit at the same table. I said sure. My fanboy turned and said in a rather snarky tone, “And who are you?” Tom replied, “Hi. I’m Tom Kyte”. Fanboy’s face immediately dropped and at that exact moment in time I became invisible, and fanboy began to fanboy Tom. It was priceless!

Good times!



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