APEX 21.2 : Vagrant and Docker Builds


Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have seen APEX 21.2 was released yesterday. Being the worlds worst APEX developer, I’m not going to speak about the new release, as I’ll just embarrass myself, but I did want to give a heads-up of what I’ve been doing since the release.

Vagrant Builds

A number of my Vagrant database builds include APEX. Those that do have been updated to use APEX 21.2. You can find them here.

They had already been updated to use the latest versions of Java, Tomcat, ORDS and SQLcl where appropriate, so the APEX upgrade was a small change.

You can read my beginner’s guide to Vagrant here.

Docker/Container Builds

I have some ORDS containers that include the APEX images, so those image builds have been updated to use the APEX 21.2 images now. You can find them here.

As with the Vagrant builds, these had already been updated to use the latest versions of Java, Tomcat, ORDS and SQLcl where appropriate.

You can read my Docker/Container articles here.


It’s taken a long time for us to roll out APEX 21.1 at work. Most of that delay is because of competing priorities. We’ve been pushing the Oracle 19c database upgrades hard, and it’s not left much space to focus on APEX. The last of our production systems will be upgraded to APEX 21.1 next week, so I’m not sure how eager people will be when I start pushing 21.2. 🙂 I’ll try, but it might have to wait until next quarter’s security patching. We’ll see.

Despite that, APEX 21.1 is now dead to me. Long live APEX 21.2. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “APEX 21.2 : Vagrant and Docker Builds”

  1. Hi Tim,
    would you mind to install XE21c (directly) on your Win11Pro-box?
    I have an issue of services not starting (however a brand new Win11Pro installation, Windows Defender (still) running, no extra Sec-SW installed:
    Error: OracleVssWriterXE service will not run – Event ID 8213 Error
    Would be nice to know your experiance.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  2. I never install things directly on my machine unless I absolutely have to. I would never consider an Oracle installation on a Windows PC. It’s just not worth the hassle. I do all Oracle stuff inside VMs.

  3. Well Tim, a wise decision. So what, it was worth an attempt :-).
    Anyway – nevertheless thank you !

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