Happy Holidays and Cameos Video – Vol 5


I probably won’t put out another post until the new year, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday period, and I hope things will get better for everyone next year!

You may know I have a YouTube channel, and I include cameos of people saying “dot com” at the start of every video. Every now and then I put out a compilation of those clips, and here is volume 5, made up of the clips I used over this this last year.

Thanks to everyone who got involved. These clips are my favourite bit of the videos. 🙂

Stay safe, and see you next year!



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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and Cameos Video – Vol 5”

  1. Tim – I truly appreciate your time, and work in writing all these articles, and all the videos you place on Youtube. THANK YOU.

    Did you write any article to show to call an external REST service from a stored procedure and actually parse the JSON data either to store into a table or to process that output.
    If so, can you please point me to that.


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