Video : Attention Log in Oracle Database 21c


In today’s video we discuss the attention log, introduced in Oracle database 21c.

The video is based on this article.

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The star of today’s video is Zahid Anwar, who despite being a fellow Brit, is filmed here in the USA. It’s funny how things work out. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Video : Attention Log in Oracle Database 21c”

  1. Tim, thanks for this, I somehow missed the attention log.

    Just a correction in your video though – the attention log format is not valid JSON. This is a widespread misconception. The format is some Oracle thing that is JSON “like” (but with multiple roots so is clearly not valid JSON). Why Oracle would do this … who knows, but it immediately means that other ubiquitous technologies cannot process the log file without preprocessing.

  2. Michael: I think the choice makes sense. You can just append new messages to the file without any need to worry about finding the right spot in the file. If you need to process it at any point you just add the root yourself and you are sorted. I can understand the arguments both ways of course… 🙂

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