The Oracle ACE Program : My 17 Year Anniversary


It’s April 1st, which means it’s my 17th year anniversary of being an Oracle ACE.

As usual I’ll mention some of the other anniversaries that will happen throughout this year.

  • 28 years working with Oracle technology in August. (August 1995)
  • 23 years doing my website in July. (Original name: 03 July 2000 or current name: 31 August 2001)
  • 18 years blogging in June. (15 June 2005)
  • 17 years on the Oracle ACE Program. (01 April 2006)
  • 8 years doing videos on my YouTube channel, with some breaks of course.

Fingers crossed for next year…



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2 thoughts on “The Oracle ACE Program : My 17 Year Anniversary”

  1. Let’s face it: is at least Oracle ACE “Tier Diamond” source of knowledge. If Oracle does not know it, it is not worth it. Period. All the best for you Tim!

  2. Happy Anniversary Tim,
    I would like to thank you for the great effort and help for all oracle guys worldwide. I consider it number one quick perfect and accurate guide for all oracle products. you really helped us much , may be more than oracle documentation :))
    Appreciate your effort and help. Thank you.

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