Oracle VirtualBox 7.0.14

VirtualBox 7.0.14 has been released.

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

I’ve installed it on my Windows 10 and 11 machines with no drama.

Vagrant 2.4.0

Vagrant 2.4.0 is still the current release, so no change there.

If you are new to Vagrant and want to learn, you might find this useful.

Once you understand that, I found the best way of learning more was to look at builds done by other people. You can see all my Vagrant builds here.

I’ve updated my Vagrant builds to include the latest Oracle patches, along with GraalVM, ORDS, SQLcl and Tomcat.

Packer 1.10.0

I use Packer to rebuild my Vagrant boxes (Oracle Linux 7, 8 and 9) so they have the latest guest additions. The current set of boxes were built using Packer 1.10.0. The new version of the boxes can be seen here.

If you are interested in creating your own Packer builds, you might take inspiration from mine, available here.

Packer has been warning about using built in plugins for some time. This version doesn’t use built in plugins at all, so I had to do the following (in bold) to load the plugins, so I could perform a build.

set PATH=%USERPROFILE%\u01\software\hashicorp\packer_1.10.0_windows_amd64;%PATH%
packer plugins install
packer plugins install

cd \git\oraclebase\vagrant\packer\ol9

packer build -only virtualbox-iso ol9.json

How did it all go?

The new versions of VirtualBox and Packer worked fine. 🙂

What about the VirtualBox GUI?

Just a quick warning. I do everything using Vagrant, so I rarely look at the VirtualBox GUI. Remember, when I say everything worked fine, I mean for what I use.