Death Masks…

I take back everything I said in my previous post about knowing why I would fall out of love with The Dresden Files. I’ve just finished Death Masks and all the elements I was starting to get bored of have fallen by the wayside.

As a writer it’s very hard to know how much to miss out and how much previous knowledge to attribute to the reader. This book seems to have made the break from a full explanation of all the facts from the previous books, into passing mentions. As a result, I’m not tearing my hair and and screaming, “I already know that! You explained it completely in the last 4 books!”

I can feel this leading on to a post about presenting, because there is some overlap with conversations and events of recent weeks. Funny how once you get an idea in your head, every situation seems to relate to it. No such things as coincidence, or so the Celestine Prophecy tells me… 🙂



PS. I’m so happy and hyper now I don’t have to by a new mobile… 🙂