Video : RANK and DENSE_RANK Aggregate Functions : Making Ranking Predictions

In today’s video we demonstrate the RANK and DENSE_RANK aggregate functions, using them to make ranking predictions.

The video is based on part of this analytic functions article.

RANK and DENSE_RANK Analytic Functions

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The star of today’s video is Kim Berg Hansen, who is an all round SQL and PL/SQL good guy, as well as a tireless contributor to the Dev Gym.



Video : Ranking using RANK, DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER : Problem Solving using Analytic Functions

Today’s video is a run through ranking data using the RANK, DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER analytic functions.

There is more information about these and other analytic functions in the following articles.

The star of today’s video is Chris Saxon, who is one of the folks keeping the masses up to speed at AskTom.