Fedora 15: Further Observations…

I’ve mentioned Fedora 15 a couple of times recently:

A couple more things I’ve noticed along the way:

  • Lots of the early press complained about the “reduced productivity” of the GNOME3 desktop. Having used it for a while now I can safely say it doesn’t impact me at all. When I’m using my MacBook Pro I have to move the mouse down to the bottom of the screen to activate the doc. It’s like a reflex reaction. I’ve found I do much the same thing with GNOME3. If I’m using the mouse to switch to Activities (rather than the Windows key), I make a circular anti-clockwise motion with the mouse so it touches the top-left corner of the screen. That switches to Activities without a mouse click, so on the down move of the circle I’m over the doc. It’s really pretty stress free. A single mouse move with no extra clicks. Sorted.
  • I did an upgrade from Fedora 14 on one machine. Fedora 15 includes LibreOffice in place of OpenOffice. As a result OpenOffice was not “upgraded”, and the existing OpenOffice installation stopped working. It wasn’t a problem, I just installed LibreOffice, just an observation.