Updates a plenty…

Someone commented recently that I’ve not been writing much lately. That surprised me because I feel like I’m constantly writing. Looking back over the last few months of changes to my website, I can see where that opinion comes from. The majority of the stuff I’ve been writing recently are updates. Typically what happens is I answer questions by linking to articles on my site. This invariably forces me to read through my old stuff and cringe. It then goes on my to-do list.

Sometimes the changes are cosmetic. Sometimes they are total rewrites. Sometimes the rewrites are because of product enhancements, but other times they are because I now realise how little I understood when I wrote the initial article. As usual, the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.

New versions of the database prompt new features articles. New OS releases often prompt a batch of installation articles. The “quiet” times between are often spent cleaning up the crap. 🙂

So just because you don’t see a bunch of articles on the front page marked as new, don’t assume I’m doing nothing. The is always a touch of light (website) housework going on… 🙂