Oracle : Sad Times

During my Oracle’s Cloud Licensing Change : Be Warned! post I said, “It’s getting really hard to remain an Oracle fanboy these days!”

Since then I’ve heard a number of stories of customers being contacted and told they need to double their licensing for systems on the cloud. This is for existing systems that were “fully licensed” before 23rd January 2017. I’ve also heard of a number of big companies that have now made policy changes to avoid Oracle in future. One person contacted me to say their company has now declared Oracle a “Sunset Platform”.

  • I like playing with Oracle tech. I’ve spent the last 21+ years doing it.
  • I like learning new stuff and writing about it.
  • I like interacting with the Oracle community and helping people.
  • I like interacting with the techies in Oracle, as I think their hearts are in the right place.
  • I can’t understand why the business side of Oracle are constantly sabotaging themselves. Every time you oversell a product/service that doesn’t live up to the hype, people believe you less the next time. Every time you piss off your existing customers, they start looking for alternatives, of which there are plenty these days! It’s not like new customers are flooding in, so why turn away your existing customers?

I’ve turned off comments as this is not a call to arms. It’s just how I’ve been feeling over the last few days, having read through your messages that typically begin with, “Please don’t mention my name!”, or, “Please don’t mention my company name!” It’s a really sad time!



PS. Once again, I’m *not* saying a policy update overrides your contract. I’m just mentioning how I feel about the contents in the private messages I’m receiving from people!