Swine Flu Vaccination…

I had the Swine Flu vaccination at about 14:00 on Monday, so it’s been about 41 hours since I had it and I still feel like crap.

I’m not sure it’s all entirely down the jab as I’m still in a jet lag daze, but prior to the jab I was just tired. Now my left shoulder aches where I had the injection, the scar on my left elbow has become really sensitive all of a sudden, and my neck aches constantly. I feel really tired, but I’m not able to sleep. I’ve just been watching films all night lying in bed.

I wasn’t totally sure I wanted the jab in the first place. I thought I was going for the regular flu jab, but when I got there it was the swine flu one and I just got caught up in the queue of old people and other “at risk” groups.

On the positive side I shouldn’t be infecting anyone with that disease now. On the negative side I’ll probably start developing lobster claws when I’m 50.