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Slovakia Day 2

*+-I’m not nervous about flying, but I am nervous about being late for flights, so day 2 was a complex day for me. The plan was to teach from 9:00-17:00 then go straight to the airport and leave. Having the deadline for the airport in the back of my mind all day meant I was […]

Slovakia Day 1…

*+-That’s day 1 over as far as teaching is concerned. The audience is quite a diverse mix. Everything from 6 months to 10+ years of Oracle experience and from variety of countries too. I’ve even got a member of Oracle staff in the group. I wonder if he’s a spy… It’s always dangerous to start […]

Slovakia Day -1

*+-I got to Slovakia with no major trauma.  I also had enough time to have a quick look round. There are some photos here if you are interested. As always, I used the shotgun approach. Several shots of each scene in the hope something would come out looking OK. Not sure if I’ll have time […]

You know you’ve travelled too much when…

*+-You know you’ve travelled too much when… You are asleep in the bath while your taxi is waiting outside to take you to the airport. At the check in desk you can’t remember where you are going. You can’t find your flight on the departure board because you’ve forgotten it’s a connecting flight. The computer […]