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SQL Developer 4 EA2 Connecting to SQL Server

*+-I wrote a blog post some time ago about using SQL Developer 3.x to connect to SQL Server. I tried the same thing today from SQL Developer 4 EA2 and it works just fine. You have to download the 3rd party JDBC driver and point SQL Developer to it. You can read how to do it […]

SQL Developer and MS SQL Server…

*+-This afternoon I’ve been cleaning up some data in an SQL Server database. I decided to use SQL*Developer to connect to SQL Server by following this post. Using Oracle SQLDeveloper to access SQLServer (The “Check for Updates” functionality doesn’t seem to work properly on my SQL*Developer running on CentOS 5 (64-bit), so I had to install […]

SQL Server to Oracle for developers…

*+-I get a number of questions from developers who are used to working with SQL Server, but have recently moved to Oracle. The top 2 issues are: Lack of AutoNumber/Identity columns in Oracle (solution). How to return recordsets from stored procedures (solution). Recently I had a question about how you return the value assigned by […]