Tornado in Brum!


It seems my recent visits to the osteopath always coincide with something strange happening.

Yesterday on my way to the osteopath the road was blocked by a fallen tree. I took a diversion and thought nothing more of it. During my treatment the osteopath received a call from his wife asking if he was OK because a street one mile away had been hit by a tornado for a few seconds and some buildings had been trashed. We didn’t even know it had happened.

Later, when I got more details I realized the center of the damage was right next to a friends house. Luckily he escaped unharmed.

The UK has a reputation for unpredictable weather (cold and rainy in summer and sunny in the winter), but this is kind of freaky. The weather this year has been completely bizarre. The sooner we sort out global warming the better!

I’m sure all you guys living in tornado, monsoon and earthquake zones find this pretty trivial, but it’s a big thing for Birmingham 🙂



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