DML Error Logging and Google Reader…

I’ve just done a brief run through of DML Error Logging. A number of people, including Tom Kyte, have already written about it, but I always find I need to play around with these things before they sit right in my head. Anyway, it’s there if you’re interested.

I’ve given up on Google Reader. I tried using it for a day and it annoyed me so much I gave up. I guess I’ll try again in a few weeks when it’s moved on a bit. The funny thing is, the thing that annoyed me the most about it was the feature I really wanted. I thought I would prefer a list of things to read, rather than a list of blogs with a count of unread posts, but as it happens I don’t. Some of the news sites I subscribe to have so many posts that Google Reader just feels unusable. On Bloglines it’s quicker to sort out what I want to read and throw the rest away. There’s a lession in that 🙂



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2 thoughts on “DML Error Logging and Google Reader…”

  1. excellent article Tim. Thanks for the note that it doesn’t catch ORA-00001 as well, hadn’t seen that discussed anywhere and it must be fairly common.


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