All change for HTML DB…


I read on Scott Spendolini’s Blog that HTML DB has been renamed to Oracle Application Express.

I think HTML DB was a really poor name, but I think the new name is a little confusing. A quick look on the net and you’ll see lots of people still talking about “Oracle Applications”, when referring to “Oracle E-Business Suite”. This new name makes HTML DB sounds like a cut down version of the Oracle ERP.

I would be interested to know what other names were passed around before this one was picked. Maybe, something a little clearer like:

  • Oracle Application Developer Express (OADE)
  • Oracle Developer Express (ODE)
  • Oracle Metadata Repository for the Runtime Generation of Applications Directly from the Database with no need for an additional Application Server… 10g! (OMRftGRoADftDwnnfaaAS… 10g!)

The last one does it for me 🙂



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One thought on “All change for HTML DB…”

  1. Oracle Application Express – can you say pocket protector?

    How about something like q&d (quick and dirty), rDeveloper (r for rapid), or mini-jdev?

    Seriously, HTMLDB is a nice quick & dirty app development environment.

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